Leak Master

The LM-1C is accurate, stable, compact, and handy at providing a fast and easy leak sensitivity check. It is ideal for daily maintenance for your air leak testers. The production accuracy is at 5% of its required flow. The LM-1C can be customized to work with specific test pressure and flow.

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• Comes in 2 models: LM-1C: customized to the specified test pressure and flow and LM-1C-J1 series: Standardized model.
• Enables fast and easy leak tester sensitivity checks
• LM-1C will maintain the same flow for long period of time.
• Can be used for the External pressure testers.
• Can be connected to the CAL port of Cosmo's Air Leak Testers.
• Use of the dedicated plug enables to restore the seal-tight circuit in seconds.
• A traceability certificate is available upon request.
General Specifications


Equivalent Flow

Conversion Flow

Flow measured at 20°C and 1atm.

The flow is not affected by the environmental condition.

Flow measured at the ambient temperature and pressure that is converted to the flow at 20°C and 1atm. Flow varies depending on the environmental condition