Most Advanced Leak Tester on the Market Today

The LS-R902 Differential Leak Tester is the fastest, most accurate and repeatable tester on the market today. Loaded with advanced user friendly features, the LS-R902 is the culmination of 50+ years experience in Leak Test development from Cosmo.  

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Easy-to-Navigate Configuration
The 5.7" color touch screen allows for easy navigation through intuitive menus to speed up program set up and configuration.
Selectable Measurement Screens
The measurement screen on the LS-R902 contains a wealth of information. This main screen is customizable into 6 different configurations including "Waveform" and "Simplified".
Standard Product Features
  • User Friendly Touchscreen
  • Easy Navigation Menus
  • Auto Setup Feature
  • USB Port for easy upload and download of test parameters and data collection
  • Air Valve Self Check during every test
  • Multiple I/O Configuration options including Ethernet I/P, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS and more