Digital Flow Meter

The DF-R280 Series has various applications from in-line tests to lab use. It mainly features a large LCD screen that displays more information besides flow data. The DF-R280 excels at high-accuracy flowmeters for labs, flow and leak tests for auto parts, and flow tests for gas equipment, valves, medical devices, pumps and pipes. The support reading accuracy is around ±1%. It is a great choice for a digital flow meter.

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Measurement Screen
The measurement screen can be selected from "Advanced", "Waveform", and "Simple" to fit the type of information the user wants to view.
Easy Test Parameter Setting
With adjustable settings, the user can easily change test parameters to their choice with ease.
FTP Function
Transferring data between machines has never been easier. With the FTP Function, you can easily transfer quality and lossless data via the ethernet.
Product Specifications
Standard Features

Color LCD Touch-Screen

From the Main Menu, sub menus “Measure Screen”, “Settings”, “Comp”, “Analysis”, etc. are accessible.

Measure Screen

Can be selected from “Advanced”, “Waveform”, and “Simple”.


Tap the items on the touch screen.

Flow Limits

Two sets of leak limits: Upper limits (UL2/UL) Lower limits (LL2/LL)

Flow Display

Converted flow rate (Value converted to volume at 1 atm at conversion temperature)
Equivalent Flow Display (Flow rate when air is flown at 1 atm, 20 °C

USB Port

Provided as standard (1 port)


2 ports as standard Compatible with DF-2820


English, Japanese, Chinese

Flow Range

10 mL/min to 500 L/min


Temperature Sensor, Line Pressure Sensor and Atmospheric Sensor provided as standard.

General Specifications


Two-way communication

Fixed length output

Build Rate (bps)

Data calling and writing

DF Format, 28 Format, same format as for DF-2800

1200, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200


I/O D-Sub

Analog Output

Internal Memory

DF-2820 compatible

Flow rate + Line pressure

16 G (For FTP)

Flow Sensor

Laminar Flow Sensor (Laminar Flow Tube)

Pressure Media