Digital Pressure Gauge

The DP-340BA is applicable to a wide range of pressures from a micro pressure of 500 Pa to a high pressure of 50 MPa. It is a digital pressure gauge with a high-accuracy sensor that has excellent overpressure resistance. On top of that, the DP-340BA series features pressure monitoring inside of tubes or containers. It’s internal and external sensor can be selected according to your requirements.

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• Pressure value display in testing machine
• Test pressure monitoring of leak or flow test, etc.
• Pressure decay method
• Hole diameter & dimension test by pressure de viation
• Pressure monitoring inside of tubing or container
• Differential pressure test of orifice, pilot tube
• Comes with the Calibration Certificate of the standard used for pressure calibration
Application Examples
• With a wide range of pressures, applicable to various types of tests.
• Easy replacement for DP 320 and DP 330
• Internal or external sensor can be selected according to your requirement.
• Conforms to the CE. (The model with external sensor does not conform.)
• Power supply is 24VDC and can be used for 100 to 240VAC with the adapter provided with the DP Gauge.
Product Specifications
Standard Features

Digital Output

With RS-232C and the parallel binary coded decimal (BCD), data can be transferred wo external devices.

Upper/Lower Limits Comparators

Limits can be set in 4 levels for criteria judgement. Upper limits (HH, HI) Lower limits (LO, LL)

Display Digits

3.5-digit or 4.5-digit can be selected.

Analog Output

The analog voltage corresponding to the pressure range is output. The analog output during Auto-Zero or Hold is not reflected.


With the current value set to zero, pressure changes after that can be displayed.

Zero Adjustment

Zero-point adjustment by just pushing a button.


Display hold, peak hold, or button hold can be selected.

Keyboard Lock

Keyboard lock to prevent false operations.

Sensor Protection (External exhaust valve)

A separate external exhause valve unit (G3-M) is required


Synchronize the start and the end (exhaust) of the selected station

General Specifications

Pressure Mode

Differential Pressure (DP)

Gauge Pressure (GP)

Air and noncorrosive gases

Air/Noncorrosive gasses and liquid

Sensing Element

Differential Pressure (DP)

Gauge Pressure (GP)

Beryllium copper


Transducer Type

DP: Inductance type
GP: Capacitance type


DP: ±0.3% of F.S. ±1 digit
GP: ±0.25% of F.S. ±1 digit