Mass Flow Gauge

The DF-231BA is equipped with a highly responsive (99% response 300ms) mass flow sensor. It can handle extensive flow ranges from 500mL/min to 500L/min. The DF-231BA also comes with a multi-function indicator that is idea for various measurements so you won’t have to correct temperature and/or pressure changes.

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• With Mass Flow Sensor, no need to correct temperature and pressure.
• Highly responsive sensor allows instant flow measurement.
• Multi-function indicator is ideal for various measurements.
Application Examples
• Flow test under various test pressures
• Pass/Fail judgment based on flow rate
• Flow measurement of many types of products
• Test data acquisition
• Data management with PC
General Specifications


F.S. to 20%

20% or less

±3% of rdg ±1 digit

200, 500 L/min: ±5% of rdg ±1 digit

Flow Range

500mL/min 2, 5, 20, 50, 200, 500 L/min

Measurement Media

Air *1 and specified gasses *2

(*1) Provide a filter on the upstream side of the Sensor to prevent entry of mist or contaminants
(*2) Specified gases include argon, carbon dioxide, natural gas 13A, methane, propane and butane. The gas coefficient is specified. However, the accuracy is not guaranteed.

Operating Temperature

0 to 50°C (Accuracy is guaranteed only for +10 to 35°C)