Laminar Flow Gauge

The DF-241BA is highly accurate and has a responsive sensor that instantly measures flow rate. It is ideal for flow or leak testing on the production line. The DF-241BA features various flow ranges and a temperature sensor for automatic temperature compensation. It also comes with a multi-functional display that is designed to meet various measurement requirements.

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• High accuracy: ±2% of F.S.
• Highly responsive with Laminar Flow Tube
• Various flow ranges available
• Stability and durability using high accurate and high proof pressure DPS
• Temperature sensor for automatic temperature compensation
• Multi-functional display designed to meet various measurement requirements
Application Examples
• High speed flow measurement
• Pass/Fail judgment based on flow rate
• Leak test by flow rate
• Flow data collection
• PC data recording
General Specifications

Laminar Flow Tube

10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 mL/min

Pressure Media



±2% of F.S. ±1 digit

Conversion Temperature/Atmospheric Pressure

20°C (or 0°C)
Flow rate is based on 1 atmospheric pressure

Operating Temperature

5 to 35°C

Test Pressure

Depends on the selected range

Temperature Sensor

Built in the Laminar Flow Tube or connected to the outlet of Laminar Flow Tube

Generated Differential Pressure

Approx. 0.6 kPa at F.S. flow

Pressure Loss

150% of Measured Differential Pressure

Port Size

Differential Pressure Connection port: Rc1/8
Flow Sensor Connection Port: Refer to “Laminar Flow Tube Ranges”

DPS Proof Pressure

1 MPa (PT-110FC-A)
10 kPa (PT-103B-A)

Power Source

24 VDC ±10%, 0.3 Amax
With A/C Adapter