Economical Leak Tester

Cosmo’s economical LS-R700 has a smaller footprint that our standard LS-R902 but still powerful and easy to use. With intuitive menus and easy navigation at a push of a few buttons.

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Simple and Intuitive
The Main Settings Menu is simplistic and intuitive for easy navigation and programming.
Beautiful Measurement Screens
The 3.5" color LCD display is customizable to display advanced information or configurable to a simple Pass/Fail display.
Standard Product Features
  • Intelligent pneumatics checking for sensor sensitivity
  • Air valve performance and self check features
  • Color 3.5″ LCD display
  • Easy volumetric set up with a Leak Master (Cosmo’s custom calibrated leak) to convert measured pressure drop to a volumetric flow rate (ex. mL/min)
  • Selectable Units for test pressure, Leak Rate and volume (K(ve))
  • USB Port for easy upload/download of test parameters and data collection