Lightning Quick and Reliable Flow Tester
The AF-R220 is the fastest Flow tester on the market today. With a proven track record for Speed, repeatability and reliability the AF-R220 is the tester of choice for the exhaust industry. The AF-R220 has a 5.7″ touchscreen and intuitive menus to make programming and navigating simple and fast.   

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Waveform Measurement Screen
Configurable measurement screens including Waveform that allow you to monitor the Flow and Test pressure in real-time that's visually accessible and simple.
X-Chart/List and Statistics for Analysis
The AF-R220 comes equipped with several in-depth analysis features including X-chart or X-list statistical menus. The AF-R220 will hold the last 5000 test results in memory for analysis. The test results may also be saved thru our USB port on the front panel of the tester.
Standard Product Features
  • Laminar Flow Technology or optional Mass Flow Technology
  • Easy Navigation Menus (Icon based set-up menu)
  • Flow Optimizer to predict changing pressure fluctuations and environmental changes.
  • USB Port for easy upload and download of test parameters and data collection
  • Multiple I/O configurations from our Phoenix connector I/O and optional and other options
  • Measurement screen can be changed from the standard to waveform and other options
  • Optional internal barometer to increase accuracy during changing environment conditions