Cosmo Solutions Technology is committed to keeping your testing equipment working at the highest standard of precision and functionality. Our technical staff is factory-trained to calibrate all Cosmo products. Calibration of your equipment verifies that all sensors, pneumatics, valves, and electronics are functioning properly to ensure that each test result is accurate. Every calibration comes with an inspection report containing details of the calibration including before and after data. Calibrations are NIST traceable to international calibration standards.

On-Site Calibration

Cosmo is proud to offer year-round on-site calibration services at your facility. Our technicians will confirm that all test equipment components are operating correctly and within tolerance. If needed, our technicians can also verify your system and optimize the cycle times of your leak and flow tests.

Factory Calibration

If you prefer to ship your equipment to us for calibration, Cosmo provides fast turnaround times to minimize your downtime and keep your production testing running efficiently.